Has It Been a Year Already?


Its been one year since I started Sox Signatures, and what a year it’s been! There  have been 4 autograph signings, 6 memorabilia signings, 1000 Twitter followers, 240 Facebook likes, countless giveaways, and most importantly, some great new connections and friendships as well.

There was a lot of learning done as this business starts to get on it’s legs.  There was a lot of good news, first off there was a profit for the first fiscal year (a whopping $85.27 folks!), but more importantly, $310 was raised for the One Fund in support of victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.  Some other good news, the Sox Signatures Twitter account passed the 1000 follower mark, the weekly deals for Wacky Wednesday were mostly a success, and I learned an awful lot about the memorabilia business, and running my own online retail store.  There were some difficult times, there were a lot of failed promotions, underwhelming responses, and many other pitfalls that happen to every fledgling enterprise.

The most important thing I want to get across is that I want to thank all of you who have supported me, whether you bought something from the store, re-tweeted something, Liked a post, read a Sawx Sigs blog entry, or just came up and said hi at a game or event.  Here’s to another successful year of meeting new people, giving away some autographs, and adding some great new items to both your collection, and mine.


Please leave some comments about what you would most like to see from Sox Signatures in year 2!

Thanks for stopping by,

Brian Morelli



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