Dan Butler & Ryan Lavarnway Game Used Signing – 9/30/14

It was the last day of the Red Sox season, and it was definitely a disappointing season for the fans.  On the bright side for Sox Signatures, we did get to meet our 2 favorite catchers in the Red Sox system, and you wouldn’t believe the gear we walked away with!  Both Lavarnway and Butler had a full set of catchers gear, including the gear that Dan had worn earlier that day when he came into the game vs the Yankees (it was still sweaty, which is equal parts cool and gross lol).  Ryan also had a Red Sox batting helmet, some bats, batting gloves, a catcher’s mitt, a PawSox catcher’s helmet, and cleats.  Dan also had some batting gloves and another pair of cleats, and they both threw in the equipment bags they use to carry all that stuff.  My truck smelled like a locker room and we spent a bunch of time on the road, but it was well worth it as we were stocked with great items, great memories, and some awesome stories to tell.  This pretty much closes the book on game used signings for 2014, but look for them to start up again in 2015 with some familiar faces and hopefully with some new ones as well.  A lot of the items above have already been spoken for, but see what gets posted to the store in the coming days!  Thanks for stopping by!


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