Christmas At Fenway 2014!

I was lucky enough to get tickets for Christmas at Fenway 2014, so I brought the missus along to check out all the fun!  First thing we did was get into a line to try out the #GiftOfSox vending machine that was giving out all kinds of prizes just by tweeting!  I ended up with a Pedro bobblehead (future giveaway?).  Next up was to check out the Fenway Yard Sale, and while it was a mad house (and most of the better items were already long gone), I did end up getting a game issued Bryce Brentz jersey (#73) as well as 2 replica jerseys of Steven Wright (#35) and Dan Butler (#61).  Since I see most of those guys pretty often, I’m hoping to get them signed.  Then we headed to the main entrance where NESN was broadcasting live from Fenway and interviewing John Farrell.  Next was to check out some of the booths that were set up in the Royal Rooters club, and WEEI was set up there and they were also interviewing John Farrell (he was everywhere that day!).  Finally it was our turn to buy tickets, but before we got to the ticket window, we got a private glimpse of the Red Sox clubhouse, and inside, John Farrell (again!) and Steven Wright were taking photos with the people coming through.  Overall the experience was pretty amazing and we’re looking forward to hopefully going to next year’s event as well!


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