BoSox Club Luncheon at Fenway – 7/8/15

As a member of the BoSox Club, we had an exclusive luncheon at Fenway Park with some special guests.  The day began with a tour of Fenway, and I decided to bring my Dad along with me.  We got a tour of the entire park, and got to spend some time in the Monster seats.  Did you know there was a garden at Fenway?  Apparently on the right field side, behind the seats there’s a small rooftop garden that supplies fresh fruits and veggies for some of the high end dining at the park.  After that is was down to the EMC Club for a Luncheon which opened with visiting Marlin Steve Cishek sitting down with the Marlins play-by-play radio announcer for a brief interview.  Next up was the main attraction with WEEI Broadcaster Dave O’Brien sitting down with Tim Wakefield and Xander Bogaerts for one-on-one interviews.  After the interviews were over, they all stuck around to sign some autographs for those in attendance.  I got some cards signed by Cishek, a Red Sox Rawlings glove signed by Wakefield, and a baseball signed by Xander (with #ASG inscribed, look for that as a giveaway on Twitter!).  Finally BoSox Club member and poet laureate Dick Flavin was signing copies of his newest book of poems all about the Red Sox.  If you have never heard of Dick, I suggest you look him up as he is one of the funniest guys I’ve met when it comes to baseball humor.  He opens up every luncheon with one of his Sox poems, and they are always showstoppers.  Ended up being a great day, and I walked away with some great autographs and great memories.  Have you ever been on the Fenway tour? What was your favorite part?  Member of the BoSox Club or want to join?  Be sure to comment below!


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