BoSox Club Luncheon – 8/18/15

It was time for another monthly BoSox Club Luncheon, and this month’s guests were Travis Shaw and Joe Castiglione.  Got a chance to catch up with Travis in the VIP room before the Luncheon started and he still remembered me from our signing back in 2013.  Travis has come quite a long way from hitting .221 in AA back then, but I’m happy to say that yet another Sox Signatures signing alum has made the big leagues.  I’m not saying we’re the reason, but the results speak for themselves (Travis Shaw, Steven Wright, Brian Johnson, Noe Ramirez all have seen the bigs after doing a signing with us!).  I didn’t bring anything for Travis to sign, but I did add Joe Castiglione to my Red Sox Hall of Fame Fenway seatback!  The luncheon itself went very well and Travis was asked about his ascension to the majors.  He didn’t mention us, but I’m sure it just slipped his mind.  Aaaaanyways, after the luncheon it was off to Pawtucket, but you can read about that in the next entry!  Thanks again for stopping by!


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