BoSox Club Luncheon – 4/20/16

It’s BoSox Club Luncheon season again!  This month’s guests were pitcher Matt Barnes and former pitcher Luis Tiant.  Matt and Luis took the time to sign some autographs, (I took home a Fenway 100th ball of Luis and a ball of Matt Barnes), and then it was time for the luncheon.  We heard some great bullpen stories from Matt about how Robby Ross is the class clown and that Tommy Layne is surprisingly witty.  Matt also was pressed to reveal he was a Yankees fan growing up (he got a nice round of boos for that one).  Pretty quickly Matt had to leave to prep for that night’s game against the Rays, but Luis stuck around to tell all kinds of stories.  The best takeaway was that Luis says in his 25 years of pro ball, he played winter ball in 22 of them, sometimes pitching up to 400 innings in one year.  Overall it was a great luncheon, and if you’re interested in joining the BoSox Club and want some more info, check out!


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