BoSox Club Luncheon – 6/17/16

Another month, another BoSox Club Luncheon!  This month we had catcher Christian Vazquez and former slugger Sam Horn as the guests.  For the opening autograph session I was able to get Christian to sign a bat and Sam to sign a Fenway 100th ROMLB.  When it got to the interview session, Christian was brief with a lot of answers but had some great responses.  He loves the challenge of catching Steven Wright’s knuckleball, and is amazed at David Price’s ability.  Christian said of Price: “He’s good….I put it down and he throws it” while also adding “he gets a lot of money”.  Christian had to get out of there quickly so we moved on to Mr. Sam Horn.  Sam seemed to have a permanent scowl on his face, but he was very entertaining during the interview.  Sam told the audience that he “never slumped, he only had periods of adjustment”.  Which was immediately followed up by Sam mentioning he once struck out 6 times in one game.  He’s also a big Jackie Bradley Jr fan (and who isn’t these days?), and enjoys watching his style of play.  That pretty much wrapped up the luncheon, if you’re interested in joining the BoSox Club and want some more info, check out!


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