Paw Sox Game Used – 7/2/16

Made the trek down to Pawtucket (over 2 hours for me from NH), but it was well worth it!  We had some game used deals set up with 3 players and they did not disappoint.  First up was relief pitcher Kyle Martin.  It was the first time we worked with Kyle, and he had a had and glove for us, and we’re hoping he sees the big leagues this year as he has been pretty dominant in AAA.  Next up was our old friend catcher Dan Butler.  Needless to say we were pretty excited when Dan re-signed with Boston in the off-season, and he had some catchers gear and cleats for us.  Last up was relief pitcher Chandler Shepherd.  It was the first time we’ve ever worked with Chandler as well and he had a bunch of hats, plus some cleats for us as well.  Chandler was also nice enough to hook me up with a ticket for the game and the seats were awesome!  E-Rod was charting the game and though I didn’t bother him for an autograph, I let a family sitting behind me know he was there and the 2 kids each got him to sign an item.  Not a huge amount of gear, but we still have to hit up the Portland Sea Dogs!


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