BoSox Club Luncheon – 7/20/16

This is always my favorite BoSox Club Luncheon of the year.  July’s luncheon is at Fenway Park  in the State Street Pavilion, and because we’re already at the park, usually a higher profile player attends, and it doesn’t get much more high profile than this month’s guest.  New star pitcher David Price was our guest, as well as former outfielder and current NESN analyst Jim Rice.  We opened with an autograph session with Price, and I was able to get him to sign a jersey, as well as a couple 8×10’s (I had some help).  Then we moved right into the interview portion for Price, as he needed to get back down to prep for the game.  During his interview Price mentioned that his main goal was to “work on consistency in the second half” and that he’s “not concerned about strikeouts, just to limit runs”. When asked about the team this season overall, he said this is a “very special team” and “we haven’t played our best baseball yet”, so let’s hope our Ace is right.  After Price left we moved on to the Jim Rice interview.  Jim was his usual boastful self, and kept mentioning that back in his day players worked harder and had it tougher than today’s players.  I’m not the biggest Rice fan as he is usually not very nice to fans in general, never mind those who ask him for autographs.  There was an autograph signing after the interview however and Jim did seem in a surprisingly good mood with most of the fans.  I was able to get him on a Fenway 100th ROMLB.  The luncheon wrapped up after that, and I have to say it was a pretty awesome day.  If you’re interested in joining the BoSox Club and want some more info, check out!


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