BoSox Club Luncheon – 9/13/16

Time for the last regular season BoSox Club Luncheon.  I missed August’s luncheon (Brad Ziegler was the guest), but I am definitely happy I made it to this month’s.  The guests were Sox pitcher Rick Porcello and 2004 World Champion Short Stop Orlando Cabrera!  During the autograph session I was able to get Rick to sign his pair of game used cleats I picked up earlier in the year, and I got Orlando on 2 8×10’s.  During the interview portion, Rick mentioned that his 2015 struggles were tough and he was his “own worst enemy” for much of the year, but the experience helped make him better and helped lead him to his 2016 results.  Rick also joked they pass a hat around the clubhouse to collect twenties to convince Big Papi to come back next year, and that even though he played with Miguel Cabrera in Detroit, Ortiz is the best hitter he has ever seen.  Rick was then awarded our 2016 BoSox Club Man of the Year Award, before he had to jet to make it back to Fenway for that night’s game.  Next up was Orlando Cabrera, and he was a very funny interview.  The 2004 trade was brought up, and Orlando didn’t know who he was traded for so he assumed he would be playing 2B or 3B with Nomar being the shortstop, but when he found out they traded Nomar to get him, he said “are they crazy?!”.  Orlando also went out and bought a Nomar Sox jersey to psyche himself up before each game, as it reminded him what the Sox gave up to get him.  There were a couple other great stories from Orlando, but if you want to hear them (and more!) you should go and sign up for the BoSox Club for next season!  We still have one luncheon left in November, but then we’re off until 2017, so be sure to sign up!  If you’re interested in joining the BoSox Club and want some more info, check out!


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