PawSox Yard Sale – 10/29/16


I had the opportunity to head down to McCoy Stadium for the Pawtcuket Red Sox Ballyard Sale this past weekend, and it did not disappoint.  There were some awesome items available, and I had to use extreme will power to not buy too much stuff.  There were multiple tables covered in bobbleheads, giveaways, game used hats, autographed baseballs, mini-bats and more!  While waiting in line, PawSox chairman and co-owner Larry Lucchino greeted some fans, taking pictures, chatting, and showing off his World Series rings.  The season ticket holders were let in early (wish I had known that!) and then finally the rest of us were let in.  The first thing I noticed was the banners that had adorned the light poles in the parking lot.  Most of the big name players were gone, so I decided to head to the bobblehead table, as I figured that was where I would spend most of my money.  I picked up autographed bobbleheads of Clay Buchholz, Will Middlebrooks and Jacoby Ellsbury, as well as a regular Trot Nixon bobblehead.  Then I picked up some Jim Rice and Wade Boggs figurines that the team had given out the previous season.  While trying to balance all of these boxes in my arms, Larry Lucchino was pushing a small shopping cart around and decided to give it to me, which was both an awesome and terrible idea!  Awesome because now I could put all my stuff in the cart and shop more, but terrible because now I was definitely going to be spending a bunch more money!  I hit the autographed baseball table next, and since none of the signatures were labeled, I was able to pick up balls signed by Steven Wright and Christian Vazquez (look for those to be involved in an upcoming giveaway!).  Then it was time to hit the game used hat table.  Some were labeled, some had names written inside, and some were even autographed, but you really had to pick through to find the best ones.  I ended up picking up unsigned game used hats of Robbie Ross, Sandy Leon, Christian Vazquez and Deven Marrero.  Hopefully I can get them all signed sometime soon.  I picked through a few more tables while waiting in line, (another perk of the carriage was it held my spot in line for me while I continued to shop!), and then it was finally time to check out.  I picked up some awesome items for the store, a few souvenirs for my personal collection, and all I can say is “Can’t wait til next year!”.


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