Christmas at Fenway – 12/10/16

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again!  Time to bundle up, head on down to Fenway, buy some tickets and shop for some awesome items!  I always look forward to the Christmas at Fenway event, because it officially closes out 2016 and is my official kick-off to start gearing up for 2017.  As usual I got there super early, mostly because I wanted to see what was going to be available at the Annual Fenway Yard Sale.  The best items usually get picked over pretty quick so I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss out.  When i first entered the yard sale, there were tables of bobbleheads and other giveaways from the previous season, so I picked up a couple Xander Bogaerts and David Price (featuring Astro!) bobbleheads that I will be adding to the store soon.  Then I checked out the Red Sox Foundation table, which is technically separate from the rest of the Yard Sale.  They always have some great autographed items at great prices, so I picked up a couple Koji Uehara baseballs, as well as Joe Kelly and Robbie Ross game used autographed Jackie Robinson jerseys from last season.  Lastly I checked out the racks of autographed jerseys in the rest of the yard sale and picked out a great Tim Wakefield autographed jersey. Look for all of these autographs to be added to the store ASAP!  There were plenty of other items available at the Yard Sale, but nothing else that really piqued my interest, so I decided to hit the checkout line.  Then it was time to just hang out until it was my turn to go buy some tickets.  As usual, I brought a bunch of autographed cards with me, and encouraged any Twitter followers to come say hi and get a free autograph.  A few obliged and it’s always nice talking to people who are either customers or just fans of what we do here at Sox Signatures.  Finally t was off to buy some tickets,and after a quick walk through of the Sox home clubhouse, I was finally able to purchase some tickets for the 2017 season.  With everything done I had came here for, I decided to hang around the Royal Rooters club to see if I could get any autographs from the players/coaches/front office folks that were doing interviews with the media and doing some photo ops.  Didn’t really get a chance to ask any players, but I was able to get Red Sox Hall of Famer Joe Castiglione to sign a Fenway 100th ROMLB for me.  The event isn’t really made for getting autographs of people in attendance, but I still go every year if only to check out the great items at the Yard Sale.  Next big event on the horizon is Spring Training, and I cannot wait to head down to sunny Florida!


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