The Real McCoy

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It might not be around much longer, so what better time than now to review the home of the Pawtucket Red Sox: McCoy Stadium!  Of course you can find out all about how much a seat costs (cheap!), food reviews(pretty good!), and what else there is to do in the area (nothing!), from all kinds of other blogs and websites.  But that’s not why you come to Sawx Sigs.  We’re here to talk about autographs!  Where, when and how to get them at this AAA ballpark.

Pre-Game (Outside the Stadium)

McCoyStadium-1Where: Outside the players entrance (the green circle above).  You will see a couple barriers set up for fans to stand behind.

When: You need to get there early, and I mean eeeeearly.  About 4-5 hours before game time should be about enough to catch almost all the guys coming in.  

Good News: Because you’re that early parking is free and bountiful, so that’s always a plus.  Most guys show up one at a time, so you have time to pick out the items you want to get signed as they start walking to the door.  Plus there’s not usually more than 2-3 other people there, so you have a better chance to get them to stop.

Bad News: No one is in a jersey, so you better start learning faces.  You’ll also be standing around for a while, but that’s just kind of a given when it comes to getting autographs in person.

Pre-Game (Inside the Stadium)

McCoyStadium-2Where: Above the home dugout

When: As soon as the gates open (60 mins before game time, 90 mins on Saturdays)

Good News:  Nothing says “classic McCoy Stadium” like fishing for autographs.  You load a bucket with a baseball or 2 or attach a page of cards to string and hope for the best.  It’s usually tough to see who’s signing, but the good news is usually at least 1 or 2 players will start signing, especially if you attach a sign or something thanking them (something for the kids to do).

Bad News:  As I said before, you don’t know who’s gonna sign, so you either need to not care what players sign, or only put specific cards or photos down there for guys to sign.  You also will sometimes be asked to leave by the ushers as game time approaches.


Where: Back outside the players entrance

When: As soon as the game ends, especially for guys who didn’t play that day as they don’t have to shower/change

Good News:  This is basically the same setup as pre-game, the players are just now going the other direction.  On most crowded games they will also set up 2 sets of barriers, one of which is just for kids to stand behind so players can just stop for the kids if they want.  

Bad News: Well if you aren’t a young kid you’re not a fan of the setup, but i’m not one to complain.  Most players will stop anyways if you ask nicely enough.  The one secret with McCoy is that there are multiple exits for players to leave through, but fans are only allowed to stand outside the main one.  So if you’re looking for a specific player and you didn’t see him leave, he likely left out one of the other exits.  


The home of the Pawtucket Red Sox is the perfect place to take the kids to introduce them to baseball.  Its cheap, and the team goes out of their ways to offer kid-friendly ways to get autographs from their favorite PawSox players.  If you’re not a kid, you still have a pretty good chance to get players anyways, but you’re going to have to work a little harder for it (and honestly i’ll never be upset at a team giving favoritism to kids).  

Was the above helpful? Did you use it for a recent trip to McCoy? What have your experiences at McCoy been? Any tips I missed? Be sure to comment below!


2 thoughts on “The Real McCoy

  1. Phil April 20, 2018 / 7:22 pm

    Does this apply to visiting players as well? Thanks!


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