Rusney Castillo: A New Perspective

Photo courtesy CBS Boston

$30,880.63.  That’s how much Rusney Castillo would make today (before taxes) if you divide his 2016 salary by 365.  It’s tough to feel anything but contempt for someone making that much per day, never mind someone who isn’t even near the top of his field and was removed from the 40-man roster.

A lot has already been written, tweeted, and joked about some of the expensive players that have seen time in Pawtucket this season: Allen Craig ($11M), Joe Kelly ($2.6M) and Rusney Castillo ($11.3M).  These players were acquired to help the major league team to a World Series and they can’t even bring a winning record to a AAA team.  Castillo’s season has been a disappointment in many ways.  Expected to be part of the solution in left field, Castillo made all of 8 Continue reading

eBay: The Scourge/Savior of Autographs

Ebay verbluefft mit hohem Gewinn im vierten Quartal

The World’s Online Marketplace, where there’s a buyer for every item, and an item for every buyer.  eBay is responsible for affecting all kinds of industries and economies, but one that it pretty much put out of business is the local baseball card store.  Back in the day (I think it was a Tuesday), if you wanted a card of Mo Vaughn, you had to head down to the local hobby store and ask the man behind the counter if he had one.  Or you would stop in to buy a box of cards and rip open the packs right there, discussing the cards with the owner. Whenever a great card was discovered, you immediately pulled out that months “Beckett” or “Tuff Stuff” to find out that Jeff Suppan rookie card was worth $1.50!  I remember as a child spending countless hours opening cards, looking up prices, and organizing them all “just right” with my father.  If you wanted to sell the card you just got, you either went back to the card store owner, or hopefully knew a few fellow collectors who would be interested.

Now, with a few clicks and keystrokes, you can buy a box of cards, ship them to your house, find out what they’re worth, and sell them, all without wiping the Cheeto dust from your shirt (hope that didn’t hit too close to home for anyone).   Continue reading

2014 Year In Review & 2015 Preview


The official Year 2 for Sox Signatures has come to a close, and it was another great year for everyone involved.  The business grew tremendously both in customer base and inventory, and we broke all sales records from Year 1.  Hopefully this growth continues in 2015!

What Worked

We brought in a lot more game used items than the previous year, and the response has been to add even more!  We also focused on adding more mid-tier and higher end items like ROMLB’s, bats, hats and jerseys as opposed to focusing on 8×10’s and game used baseballs, and people seemed to prefer the higher quality vs just getting the lowest prices.  We branched out to bring a few more new players into our game used roster, and while we lost a couple (Lavarnway, Hazelbaker, Resop), we plan to get to Pawtucket’s and hopefully even Boston’s roster to replace them. We also streamlined our shipping procedure and items have been packed safely, securely, and much quicker than in 2013.  Lastly, all of our end of the year sales including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the 25 Deals of Christmas and others were all a great success.  We saw a much larger bump in holiday shopping than we did in 2013.

What Didn’t

The Weekly giveaways like “Throwback Thursday” and “Futures Friday” on Twitter did not Continue reading

Too Good to be True?


An interesting question came up on the @SoxSignatures Twitter feed the other day, and after trying to respond in 140 characters, I realized that it was actually a really good topic for a blog post!  First off, the tweet above is from Mr Robert Rutledge (@Moose_117).

As I thought about how to answer this, I realized that perhaps the #1 reason for why my business growth is inconsistent, is that the biggest issue with any memorabilia dealer is trust.  The way’s I’ve tried to gain trust are by including a Certificate of Authenticity with my items, trying to show as many photos as possible of my signings with players, and even introducing myself to fellow collectors and dealers at any opportunity I get. Sometimes having the lowest prices around, means people will ask the question “What’s wrong with it?”.  So what is “wrong” with my items?  The answer is Continue reading