Sox Signatures: Behind the Scenes (Part 3)


Welcome to Part 3 of our ongoing series “Sox Signatures: Behind the Scenes”.  Today’s topic is social media, and how we built a small but loyal following through sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How much information can you really fit into 140 characters?  Can you convey a complete idea? Sell a product or service?  Can you add fit in hash-tags and not use non words like ‘b4’ (before) and ‘c’ (see)?  Social media has become the go-to for business, celebrities, and wanna-be-famous people to connect with their customers and fans.  If you don’t brand yourself well across multiple platforms, you’re losing out on the limitless potential that those platforms provide.  To give a breakdown on how Sox Signatures has built it’s social media following, we’ll break it up into 2 sections: Twitter and Facebook, as those are the 2 main platforms we’ve used.  Now if you’re reading this for a top 10 advice column on how to gain followers, you’re in the wrong place.  Instead you’re going to get our experience, what we have done and will continue to do in the future to expand Sox Signatures, so that everyone can find affordable, high quality, and hard to find memorabilia of the Red Sox stars of today and tomorrow!

Twitter (Follow Us Here!)

Twitter by far has been our most used and successful platform.  The Sox Signatures account currently sits at about 2100 followers, and while we really want to get to into the 10K+ mark like most businesses, we built slowly, and Continue reading


Sox Signatures: Behind the Scenes (Part 2)



Welcome to Part 2 of our ongoing series “Sox Signatures: Behind the Scenes”.  Today’s topic is our first private autograph signing, and how a simple email sent Sox Signatures down the path to what would make us stand out in the memorabilia market.

One of the best parts about having your own business email accounts, is that every email is an opportunity to move your business forward.  Of course, just like a normal email account, you’re going to get plenty of spam and advertising.  But when you see those private email addresses, or personal business accounts in your inbox, there’s some excitement that maybe this email will actually impact my business.  I received one of those emails in early 2013.

Sox Signatures was just getting off the ground and a few small orders were trickling in, but only selling some signed cards and 8×10’s I hadn’t found a niche that separated me from an eBayer who knew how to build a website.   Continue reading

Sox Signatures: Behind the Scenes (Part 1)



Welcome to Part 1, of a brand new series at the Sawx Sigs Blog.  One of the best parts of running this business, is some of the stories that happen when no one else is around.  Meeting 1-on-1 with players, agents, collectors, and fans leads to a lot of unique experiences that I wanted to share with everyone.  With Part 1, I’m going to start at the beginning, because honestly starting in the middle would just be confusing, right?

One of the questions I get pretty often from friends, family, and fans of the site, is usually something along the lines of “How did you get into this business?”.  The simple answer is that I started

Continue reading