How It’s Made – Game Used Jersey 8×10 Displays


If you’ve been on our social media pages or on, you’ve probably noticed the new 8×10 Game Used Jersey Swatch Displays we’ve started selling.  We’re pretty excited to launch our first official product that isn’t just a signed ball or jersey that anyone can sell.  We also thought it would be fun to to give a little “behind the scenes” on how these displays are made.  So we’ll start with the Paw Sox red #33 jersey worn by Williams Jerez, Robby Scott, Henry Owens and Ty Buttrey. Continue reading


Sox Signatures: Behind the Scenes (Part 1)



Welcome to Part 1, of a brand new series at the Sawx Sigs Blog.  One of the best parts of running this business, is some of the stories that happen when no one else is around.  Meeting 1-on-1 with players, agents, collectors, and fans leads to a lot of unique experiences that I wanted to share with everyone.  With Part 1, I’m going to start at the beginning, because honestly starting in the middle would just be confusing, right?

One of the questions I get pretty often from friends, family, and fans of the site, is usually something along the lines of “How did you get into this business?”.  The simple answer is that I started

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