Spring Training 2017 – 3/19/17-3/25/17

There really is nothing better than flying out on a snowy March Boston day, and landing in 85 degree sunny weather in Fort Myers Florida.  It’s that time of year for the annual Sox a Signatures Fort Myers trip, and I loaded up 2 bags full of cards, 8×10’s, baseballs, game used gear, more 8×10’s, and then I threw in some clothes for me too (not much room for those).

I landed on Sunday at about 1, checked into the hotel, and I was immediately off to Jet Blue Park for the  Continue reading

Lowell Spinners Yard Sale – 11/13/16

Pretty sure this is the last yard sale i’ll be hitting up this offseason (except for Christmas at Fenway!).  Not even sure if Greenville or Salem have one, but I don’t think I’ll be flying down for them anyways.  I decided to make sure I was early for the Lowell Spinners yard sale, and I was actually surprised that I was the first person there.  The staff was still setting everything up, and I was very excited to get first crack at some of the bins of items they were dragging out.  First it was off to the racks of game used jerseys, where I picked out a couple Josh Pennington #50’s and a CJ Chatham #21.  Turns out that the site I was looking at for numbers was wrong though, and Pennington never wore #50, so not exactly sure what I’m going to do with those!  Then i tore through 4 or 5 bins of game used pants just to see if I could find some familiar names (they all have last names written in the waistband).  I was able to pull pairs worn by CJ Chatham, Bryce Brentz, and Jake Romanski.  Not sure what the market is for game used pants, but I’ll see if I can get them all signed next year and hope for the best.  Next I picked through the game used locker room name tags, and was able to pull a bunch of players I’m hoping stick around the system, and hopefully I can get them all signed in Spring Training.  Next to the locker tags were the name plates just like the Sea Dogs Yard Sale had.  Picked out some specific players there and again, still not sure what I’m going to do with them (please comment if you have any ideas!).  I also picked up a dozen Lowell Spinners baseballs signed by Red Sox top 10 prospect Josh Ockimey, planning on using those in some upcoming giveaways as well.  Lastly I headed into the team store, and picked up a couple hats and a Tate Matheny game used bat that I’ll bring to Fort Myers as well in hopes of getting it signed.  The one thing I was disappointed in is the Spinners take the time to pull almost all of the items for the highly regarded prospects (Groome, Chatham, Dalbec, etc), so you’re never going to find an amazing bargain, but there’s plenty for the lower ranked guys.  All in all, I picked up a lot of great items to get signed next season, so look for those being added to the store when I get back from Spring Training!

Red Sox 2015 Winter Weekend (1/23-1/25)


Sox Signatures hit the road to head down to Foxwoods Resort Casino for the First Ever Red Sox Winter Weekend Fan Fest.  I missed the Town Hall on Friday night, but after registering I decided to walk around the casino and see if any players were wandering around.  After seeing Bill Lee signing for a few fans, I took a quick picture with the Spaceman.  Then walking along the hallway between 2 of the casino’s I spied Garin Cecchini and Mookie Betts walking by and was also able to grab a quick selfie with them as well.  The highlight of the night was seeing Manager John Farrell Continue reading

Christmas At Fenway 2014!

I was lucky enough to get tickets for Christmas at Fenway 2014, so I brought the missus along to check out all the fun!  First thing we did was get into a line to try out the #GiftOfSox vending machine that was giving out all kinds of prizes just by tweeting!  I ended up with a Pedro bobblehead (future giveaway?).  Next up was to check out the Fenway Yard Sale, and Continue reading