Red Sox Staff Family Day – 9/27/15

Wow.  That is really all I can say about this day, wow.  My cousin was finishing up her first season as an EMT for the Red Sox, and as a Fenway employee, she had tickets to the last home game of the season, which included an event afterwards for all the Family/Friends of the Fenway staff.  The game itself was pretty emotional as it was teh last home game for Don Orsillo.  Enough has been said about his departure, but personally I’m not happy with it.  The dynamic between Don and Jerry is what I grew up with as a Sox fan, and while I have nothing against Dave O’Brien, he has some pretty big shoes to fill.  As for the game itself, Henry Owens diminated the Orioles giving up only 3 hits in 7 2/3 innings, and Blake Swihart hit a solo HR to lead the Sox to the 2-0 victory.  But the real story was after the game ended.
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BoSox Club Luncheon at Fenway – 7/8/15

As a member of the BoSox Club, we had an exclusive luncheon at Fenway Park with some special guests.  The day began with a tour of Fenway, and I decided to bring my Dad along with me.  We got a tour of the entire park, and got to spend some time in the Monster seats.  Did you know there was a garden at Fenway?  Apparently on the right field side, behind the seats there’s a small rooftop garden that supplies fresh fruits and veggies for some of the high end dining at the park.  After that is was Continue reading